Asclepias longifolia Cyberflora Louisiana is a network of the state's herbaria. Our goal is to allow public accessibility to digitized collections and to increase research activities in Louisiana's thirteen herbaria.

While plant and fungi specimens are preserved in cabinets, their corresponding high-resolution images and label information provide dynamic and readily available data. These data can be used to discover species range extensions, historic habitats, taxonomic anomalies, ecological associations, and so much more. Answers to both fine-scale and global-scale questions can be explored using these data.

Check back often as we continue to build this resource, increasing the number of digital records and adding greater detail about each specimen.
NSF Logo Cyberflora Louisiana is supported by The National Science Foundation: Collections in Support of Biological Research - NSF Award #s: 1756469; 1410445; 0847856. Data management for CyberfloraLA is undertaken by a collaboration between the LSU Center for Computation and Technology and the Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium at Louisiana State University.