Live Plants Image Database

images of Louisiana's plants

This database will include a variety of images of live plants to supplement the specimens available in the Virtual Herbarium. By using a set of standards being developed by SERNEC, each species can be compared to other species of similar form. Dynamic webpages will allow images to be displayed in various formats and combinations. These resources will be particularly valuable to educators and students seeking information about Louisiana's plants.

These images, in addition to other detailed images of plant parts, can also be used to learn taxonomic characteristics, to recognize taxonomic groups, and to document character variation. These types of images are valuable for developing visual taxonomic keys that are less reliant on difficult terminology but use images of features instead. This allows much more rapid identification of species and provides a tool for a much wider audience.

For a preview of the potential of a site like this, visit Steve Baskauf's Bioimages website.



Live plant images The images are searchable in various ways and can be grouped to provide valuable comparisons of characteristics in closely related species. Specific collections of plants will also be presented such as wildflowers, invasive species, etc.


Species lists by location Checklists of species provide useful information when visiting locations such as state parks, natural areas, preserves, or particular parishes.

Visual Keys

Illustrated taxonomic keys Visual keys are more user friendly and easier to use on a computer or portable device. Illustrated characteristics are easier to interpret and usually allow faster identifications.